Your wedding in France

To ensure that the best day of your life unfolds and is organized easily, Châteaux Event offers you its high-end and tailor-made services. First of all, we can offer you castles for weddings in France, which can accommodate the secular ceremony, the dancing party and include the 'accommodation. In addition, we can, whatever the location of the wedding castle in France, offer you our Wedding Planner services and thus free you from more than 200 hours of work. of organization. Make the wedding of your dreams, in your image, with Châteaux Event.   


Coordination on D-Day

With or without renting a castle for a wedding in France and our support services before the big day, we can coordinate your wedding day, and thus evacuate the stress on the most beautiful day of your life. Call on the professional services of Châteaux Event to avoid any missteps during your wedding in France .

Organize a wedding in your image

From the rental of a wedding castle in France , to the choice of service providers , through the coordination of all the elements on D-Day, Châteaux Event accompanies you. Without further ado, contact us so that we can organize , together, the most beautiful day of your life according to your needs and your desires.