Support services for project leaders

Do you have a property and want to transform it? Create a hotel business? A bed and breakfast activity? Or a spa? A stud? Do you prefer to make an extension, or resume an activity?

Châteaux Event is there to support you at every step of the process of setting up your project. We put all our expertise and skills at your service.

Market research

To get started, first of all, a market study is essential in order to verify the economic potential of your project. Châteaux Event does it for you.

How many rooms to be profitable? What is the competition? How do I set my market price? Who is my target? So many questions that we ask ourselves, and the answers to which are necessary before starting.

The market research answers these questions, among other things, while providing you with other information you need to verify the economic potential of your project as well as its commercial feasibility.

Thanks to this study, you can have a better overview of the project. It also allows you to see if you need to readjust your strategy, take some precautions, and get started if necessary.

Project management

Châteaux Event also supports you in the management of your project and oversees its implementation.

- Cost of construction

Châteaux Event assists you in quantifying all the construction or renovation costs relating to your project. We contact the design offices, we ask for quotes from companies, we also mandate project managers, or advise project managers (architects, project managers, architect design offices, etc.). We also monitor the work.

- Financial analysis

On the basis of all these elements, Châteaux Event carries out a financial analysis (5-year cash flow plan, provisional income statement, necessary investment, etc.) in order to verify the financial and economic feasibility of the project, and above all to reassure you and reassure your potential lenders. .